Condominium Rules

These Rules are a legal part of the McKenna Rowhouse Condominium Association governing documents. The Rules are intended to enhance the general enjoyment and aid the Board of Directors in the management of the association. The Rules below are adopted and may be amended by the Board of Directors, as allowed by the condominium by-laws.  All Rules are in compliance with Wisconsin State Statute 703.

Association Management

Individual McKenna Rowhouse condominium unit owners are members of the McKenna Rowhouse Condominium Association. The Board of directors of the McKenna Rowhouse Condominiums is a group of owner volunteers who govern the association through its bylaws and rules. Board powers include handling condominium revenues and expenditures as well as levying and collecting assessments for expenses. Any and all changes to any common element must be approved by the Board in advance. All expenditure of association funds must be approved in advance by the board of directors. Therefore, individual unit owners are not authorized to contact any of the association contractors. If an issue arises, please contact a board member.

General Use and Occupancy

Each unit shall be occupied and used only as a residence and for no other purpose. Rental of the McKenna Rowhouse Condo units is absolutely forbidden. Every unit owner shall at all times keep the unit in a clean and sanitary condition. The common areas shall not be obstructed, littered, defaced, or misused in any manner. Unit owners shall not use or permit the use of their premises in any manner, which would disturb or be a nuisance to other owners, or in such ways as to be injurious to the reputation of Condominium. Nothing may be hung or displayed on the outside of windows, walls, balconies, porches, or roof of the units without the prior consent of the Board of Directors. Unit owners shall not do any work, which would jeopardize the soundness of safety of the property, reduce the value, or impair any easement. Unit owners are liable for the expense of any maintenance, repair, or replacement to the property rendered necessary by negligence of the owner, or their guests.

Quiet Enjoyment

This property is owned and shared by all 50 members. All members deserve quiet enjoyment of their units. Under no circumstances should any association member be unreasonably loud or make excessive noise during unreasonable hours. All members are fully responsible for the behavior of their guests. The board will send a warning letter to the offending member after the first offense. The police will be called during any subsequent offense. Any damage to the interior or exterior property caused by any member or their guests will be the financial responsibility of the offending member.

Assessments & Dues

Assessments include regular and special assessments for common expenses; charges, fines, or assessments for damage to a unit; and penalties for violations of the declaration, bylaws, or association rules. Effective August 1st 2006, all unit owners will be required to pay their dues via automatic withdrawal.  Dues will be pulled on the 5th of the month, ACH forms are available from the association treasurer. Please direct all questions concerning ACH to the association treasurer. Any unit owners who wish to continue to pay by check will be assessed a monthly $25 processing fee. There is a two month grace period for new owners during which time checks may be made out to McKenna Rowhouse Condos, and sent to 360 Commercial Real Esate/701 E Washington Ave, Ste LL2/Madison, WI 53703.  Condo fees paid by check are also due the 5th of the month. After the 5th, a late fee of $15 will be levied.  Failure to pay condo dues, assessments, fines and additional fees can result in a lien being filed, which may result in foreclosure. A notice of owed dues and additional fees/fines will be sent to all legal unit owners.

Architectural Control

No changes to the outside appearance of the units or the common elements are allowed without written board approval. This includes signs, lawn art, and landscaping projects. Satellite dishes, one meter or less in diameter, are allowed, but may only be installed on the roof or the deck of the unit receiving service.  See Satellite Dishes below for more details.

“Interior cubicle of air” (Article 3 of Condo documents)

The “interior cubicle of air” legally defines the area of the unit for which the owner is solely responsible. Everything from the face of the studs supporting the drywall to the inside of the individual unit is the responsibility of the individual unit owner. The individual unit owner is also responsible for all plumbing, electricity, and natural gas lines for the unit. While the association carries insurance for common elements of the property, each unit owner is responsible for insuring their personal property and “interior cubicle of air.” The association is responsible for the plumbing of the shared outdoor hose spigots, as well as all fire protection sprinkler repairs and maintenance.NOTE: Individual unit owners are always responsible for any and all interior repairs, regardless of the cause of the damage.

NOTE: Individual unit owners are always responsible for any and all interior repairs, regardless of the cause of the damage.


Windows, including the seal and mechanical properties, are the responsibility of the unit owner, not the Condominium association. The color and design of all windows, as seen from the exterior, must match all other windows of the particular phase of the association. The trim surrounding the exterior portion of the windows will be repaired/replaced using association funds.


Doors are the responsibility of the unit owner, not the condominium association. The following are the individual unit owner’s responsibility:

  1. the garage door, its wiring, seal, and mechanical properties
  2. the sliding glass door (and screen) at the decks, its seal and mechanical properties
  3. the front door, its seal and mechanical properties
  4. the entry door at the garage, its seal and mechanical properties.

The color and design of all doors, as seen from the exterior, must match all other doors of the particular phase of the association. The trim surrounding the exterior portion of the doors is the responsibility of the association. The association will supply paint to those unit owners wishing to paint their doors.


The unit decks are considered a “limited common element.” Therefore, all repairs of the decks, including the boards, frame, and siding, are the responsibility of the association, provided that the damage is not the fault of the unit owner. The awnings and all exterior electrical outlets are the responsibility of the individual unit owner. While it is not necessary, sealing the exposed wood of the decks from the elements is recommended. If individual unit owners choose to seal/stain/paint their deck floors, it is their responsibility to do so.


It is the responsibility of the association to repair any siding defects. Therefore, if there is any current water damage on interior walls, please contact a board member immediately so that the board may schedule the repair. Importantly, interior damage and repairs are the responsibility of the unit owners, not the association, regardless of the cause of the damage.


All issues concerning mold anywhere, except the exterior decks, porches, brick, siding, and trim, are the responsibility of the individual unit owner. The condo association is not responsible for any interior mold, regardless of the cause.


Each individual unit owner will receive 2 parking tags for use when parking in the lot. E-mail the board at to get these tags. Do not stop, stand, or park in the driveways. No one may park in the handicapped spots without a handicapped permit.  No parking in the non-stall areas (where the old dumpsters sat).  These areas are intended for vendor equipment parking and snow “storage” in season.  No parking along the back fence as this is a fire lane. Parking areas shall not be used for any mechanical work on vehicles.  Non-working vehicles, trailers, campers etc. may not be stored for more than one week (seven days) in the parking slots.  Working but unused cars may not be stored in these slots.  Board members or board designees have the right to enforce these restrictions by having offending vehicles towed at the owner’s expense.


There are parking stalls behind the property. Do not park in the driveway, As stated above any cars parked in the driveway will be towed at the owner’s expense. Please drive carefully, especially around the blind corners and near the garages.


The Board of Directors and/or Creative real Estate Services must be given a key to every unit for use in emergencies and required maintenance. The keys will be kept locked up. Any time non-emergency entry into units is required, the unit owners will be given at least 24 hours notice.


Dogs, cats, and other household pets are allowed but are not to be kept, bred, or used for any commercial purpose. Pets are not permitted to cause a nuisance or an unreasonable disturbance. Pets shall be carried or kept on a leash at all times outside of the units, and the pet owners are responsible for litter created by their pets. Unit owners who fail to immediately pick up pet waste will be subject to a $25 fine. In addition, unit owners will also be held responsible for any common areas damaged by pet urine. Any harm to animals is not tolerated, and any unit owner may call the Humane Society or Animal Control if animal abuse is witnessed.


There are two dumpsters in the enclosed dumpster area, one for garbage and one for recycling. Nothing is to be left on top of or outside of the dumpsters.  Paper, newspaper, magazines, jars, bottles, plastic bottles and cans can all be placed in the recycling bins.  Cardboard must be recycled, it is banned from landfills. Boxes must be broken down and flattened to fit into the dumpster. Unit owners may not contact Pellitteri directly. Please keep the garbage enclosure areas tidy.

Do not place the following items in the dumpsters or near the dumpster areas:

    • 30-gallon steel drums
    • Tires
    • Oil or oil filters
    • Lead acid car batteries
    • Oil and lead based paints and paint thinners (DRY latex paint is OK)
    • Pesticides
    • Hazardous household wastes, such as anything flammable, corrosive, toxic (weed and pest killer) or reactive
    • Brush, leaves and grass
    • Any household appliances. Especially those containing freon or other coolants
    • Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs and ballasts
    • Computers and monitors
    • TV Sets
    • Furniture, mattresses and book cases
    • BBQ Grills
    • Redecorating detritus, including carpeting, carpet padding, drywall and wooden pallets.

For detailed information on proper disposal of prohibited items and recycling contact a board member at

Individual Gardening Projects

Any unit owner wishing to undertake a gardening project that involves building a structure and/or removing more sod than it takes to plant a bulb or single flowering plant will require written permission from the board.  Unit owners who build a garden will be responsible for maintaining it.  The board will have sole authority to decide what constitutes “maintained” and can have the bed returned to its natural state- at the unit owner’s expense- if it’s determined that the bed is an eyesore. Unit owners who    build/plant and then decide to sell must return the area to its original state at their own expense before moving.  If they fail to do so a lien can and will be place on the property prior to the closing. If the unit’s buyer wants to keep the bed they must notify the board of same in writing before the closing.  If a selling unit owner should sell without dismantling, their bed the new owner will automatically assume all of the above mentioned physical and financial responsibilities for that bed.

For Sale Signs

No real estate signs of any sort are to be placed in the yard or hung on the black fence surrounding the association.  Realtors may hang their sign riders from our Units Available cross arm, located at the corner of Raymond Rd. and McKenna Blvd..  Unit owners may have window signs and/or a standard-sized Realtor sign hanging from their front porch railings.

Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes, one meter or less in diameter, are allowed, but may only be installed on the roof or the deck of the unit receiving service.  Dishes may not be installed on the porch, porch roof or on the lawn under any circumstances and dishes installed on decks may not impinge on adjacent decks in any way. Any and all damage to the common elements caused by dish installation is the responsibility of the unit owner receiving service.